Spring Balancer(3.0~5.0kgs)

Spring Balancer(3.0~5.0kgs)


Spring Balancer (3.0~5.0kgs) is economic light tool suspension assistant. We adopt Japan spring material that reach 200,000 full-strokes (1.4m) life test.
With small size, you could install in any frame such as workbench, pipe joint work table, conveyor belt assembly line, etc.
In its rear cover, it has a convenient rotatory adjustment cap to adjust spring force.


Tool Balancer(3.0~5.0kgs)


  • Convenient force adjustment by rotary adjustment cap.
  • 1. Cost-efficient, practical and compact. It uses Rotary Adjusting Cover for easier tension adjustment without burden.
  • 2. Fast and convenient instillation. In addition, anti-falling steel wire mounting holes are provided, which must be installed to avoid the failure of the original mounting location.
  • 3. The housing is made of rust proof iron shell. The steel wires and nylon ropes are available for option. Further, a ball-shape damper also can stop tool at a fixed height in its recover stroke.


  • Capacity: 3.0 ~ 5.0kg
  • Weight: 0.81kg
  • Travel: 1.5m
  • Rope Option: Cable
  • Rope Dia.: 3.2mm
  • Q'ty/Carton: 30 pcs
  • G.W./Carton: 24.1kg
  • CUFT: 1.6


  • Suspend tools in assembly lines or other work areas.
  • Help the assembler with repetitive tasks such as installing fasteners: screws, nuts, bolts, etc.
  • Hold fixtures, tools, welding guns, and similar equipment.