Air Blower, Air Blow Gun

Air Blower, Air Blow Gun


Two models with and without steel reinforced inlet.
Light weight and easy operation.
Body Material: POM
Safety / High flow air blow gun.
The air blow gun is also featured of its strong blow, low consumption and energy saving.


AIR Blowers, Air Blow Gun


  • For the fast removing and cleaning of chips and other kinds of foreign substances.
  • Air blow gun is used for installation on machines and for cleaning debris and particles.


  • Pistol Grip Air Blower Gun / with 0.31" Bent Tube 3.94" Length / with Metal Reinforced Inlet
  • Port Size: 1/4"
  • Max Pressure: 170psi (11.7bar)
  • Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +140°C
  • Body Material: Nylon, Nozzle Material: Steel
  • With Non-Slip Handle.
Item No.ColorPort SizeNozzle LengthNozzle (O.D)Max Pressure
76106RRed1/4"10 cm6 mm170 psi
( 11.7 Bar)
76276RRed27 cm6 mm
76108BBlue10 cm8 mm
76406BBlue40 cm6 mm
76278BBlue27 cm8 mm
76508BBlue50 cm8 mm


  • It is convenient to clean dangerous parts and to remove foreign substances from the machine (CNC, Automatic Lathe, Injection Machine, Press Machine).
  • Fit for cleaning all kinds of motors and machines.
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