Workshop Tools

KWG also provide the quality tools in total solution, our direction and main purpose is offering the best quality, best service and keep innovation as a partner.

Workshop Tools

Tools used in Workshop

Workshop Tools
Workshop Tools

Workshop tools: Puller, Riveter, Measuring Tools, Air Blow Gun, Bench Vise, Saw.

  • Gear Puller - Gear Puller
    Gear Puller
    Gear Puller Tools

    Gear Puller is to dismantling pulleys, gears and a range of other vehicle parts – using a gear puller will apply steady and even pressure to your job. Choosing the right size puller: Compare the "reach" and "spread" of the pulling job with that of the pullers listed. The puller selected must have dimensions greater than those of the job. The harder the pull, the tighter the grip for removing gears, bearings and countless other press fitted parts. 2-way and 3-way combination pullers make it easy to select a specific puller for a specific application. Forged from high quality steel, heat treated and subjected to rigorous tests which exceed rated puller capacity. Alloy steel heads are forged for maximum strength.

  • Bench Vise - Bench Vise
    Bench Vise
    Bench Vise Tools

    Bench Vise with 360 deg. Swivel Base, Drilling Press Vise, Fix Type Bench Vise....etc. KWG's Bench Vise is made by one-piece construction. All of the parts are machined precisely in advance and put into the casting mold to form a one-piece construction. No further machining is required. With the one-piece construction, the hollow shaft, shaft hole and nut are able to mate one another perfectly.

  • Blades Feeler Gauge - Blades Feeler Gauge
    Blades Feeler Gauge
    Feeler Gauge

    KWG offer the 12, 20 & 26 Blades Feeler Gauge....etc. The feeler gauge is a tool for using to measure the gap widths. Feeler gauge is used in engineering to measure the clearance between two parts.

  • Magnetic Tray - Magnetic Tray
    Magnetic Tray
    Magnetic Tray for Screws

    Round and Triple Magnetic Tray that can keep the loose nuts, screw, bolts and other small parts in one place.

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