Pneumatic Tools

KWG also provide the quality tools in total solution, our direction and main purpose is offering the best quality, best service and keep innovation as a partner.

Pneumatic Tools

Air Tools

Pneumatic Tools, Air Tools
Pneumatic Tools, Air Tools

The wide range of Pneumatic Tools: Air Grinder, Air Sander, Air Polisher, Air Die Grinder, Air Drill, Air Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet Wrench, Air Punch and Flanged Tools, Air Screwdriver, Air Needle Scaler, Air Hydraulic Riveter, Air Grease Gun, Accessories for Air Tools.
The best quality of pneumatic tools for various application like DIY, home use, automotive, building, bridge, railway, Aero, industry, all of our air tools are made in Taiwan.

  • Air Grinder - Pneumatic Grinder, Air Grinder, Angle Grinder
    Air Grinder
    Pneumatic Grinder

    KWG Ind. Corp. provide the professional tools of air grinder: 4"Angle Grinder, 5"Angle Grinder, 7"Heavy Duty Angle Grinder, 9" Heavy Duty Vertical Grinder. The safety lever series and grip lever series of air angle grinder, and the designed as lightweight powerful tool for tough, tight, quarter cleaning jobs that require fast metal removal. Design for removing rust and smoothing welds, deburring and blending of metal work. Heavy duty ball bearing construction for vibration free performance. Wheel guard for safety.

  • Air Sander & Polisher - Air Sander, Air Polisher
    Air Sander & Polisher
    Pneumatic Sander & Polisher

    7"Angle Polisher, 7"Air Sander, Air Smart Eraser, Jitterburg Sander, Palm Sander, Dual Action Sander. Air polisher of muffled exhaust provides quiet operation, and positive grip handle for complete control. Design for rust removal, sanding of metal and shaping of contoured filler patches. Ideal for buffing and polishing flat and contoured surfaces. You can use the air polisher to polish and wax options very easily and anyone can get professional results even their first time.

  • Air Die Grinder - Air Die Grinder, Mini Die Grinder, Micro Grinder
    Air Die Grinder
    Pneumatic Die Grinder

    Industrial Mini Die Grinder, Micro Grinder, 1"Extension Die Grinder, 3"Extension Die Grinder, 5"Externsion Die Grinder. KWG provide the air die grinder in lightweight, compact and easy handling, ideal for grinding, edge-breaking, debarring, porting, polishing and smoothing in tight areas. The air rotary tool ideal for all kinds of household jobs and industrial applications.

  • Air Drill - Air Drill, Pneumatic Drill
    Air Drill
    Pneumatic Drill

    3/8" Straight Air Drill, 3/8"Air Reversible Drill, 1/2" Air Reversible Drill. KWG provide the air drill are excellent for precision drilling, honing, reaming and hole sawing. Low vibration design for easy operation. 2-planetary gears construction, variable speed throttle for easy starts. Suitable for continuous operation, especially appropriate for car body works and industry.

  • Air Wrench - Air Wrench, Pneumatic Wrench
    Air Wrench
    Pneumatic Wrench

    KWG Ind. Corp. provide the best quality of pneumatic tools for various application, All of our air tools are made in Taiwan. You can see in our air impact mechanisms included: New twin hammer, Twin hammer, Pin clutch, Jumbo hammer, Rocking dog. And drivers are included: 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2" Dr. The air wrench is working in: Motorcycles, Passenger Car, Buses, Vehicles, Construction Vehicles, Chassis, Steel Construction, Engine Series....etc.

  • Air Ratchet Wrench - Air Ratchet Wrench, Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench
    Air Ratchet Wrench
    Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench

    Low noise air ratchet wrench, 1/2" Heavy Duty Ratchet Wrench, 3/8" Stubby Air Ratchet Wrench, 1/4" Ratchet Wrench. KWG provide the air ratchet wrenches for engine repair, furniture, nut tightening work and bench work. Designed with high technology and manufactured in precision. Fully hardened planetary gear reduce friction for many years of tool productivity, Two or Triple planetary gear construction. The air ratchet wrench can be used in narrow working space and can fasten bolt and nuts easily, the tools special can be reached the tight place.

  • Air Cutting Tools - Air Punch and Flange Tool, Pneumatic Punch and Flange Tool
    Air Cutting Tools
    Pneumatic Cutting Tools

    Air Punch, Air Flange, Heavy Duty Metal Shear, Air Body Saw, Air File, Cut-off Tool, Air Nibbler, Air Knife. Suitable for crimping and hole punching. The air punch and flange tool works as both an air punch and air flange for auto body repair at the shop or home garage. It has a versatile head that rotates 360 degrees to easily crimp flanges or lap joint sheets and pipes.

  • Air Screwdriver - Air Screwdriver, Pneumatic Screwdriver
    Air Screwdriver
    Pneumatic Screwdriver

    Heavy Duty Air Screwdriver, Push to start air shut-off screwdriver, Air Impact Screwdriver, Adjustable Clutch Air Screwdriver, 1/4" Positive Clutch Screwdriver. KWG's the air screwdriver is for general repair, body shop work and heavy-productive assembly lines such as motor-vehicles, bicycles and motor. Ergonomic designed for long time work without weary, and the two hammer mechanism, vibration is small, suitable for phillips screw works. Every motor revolution causes two hammer pin impact at the same time to keep balance, lower vibration and larger output power.

  • Air Needle Scaler - Air Needle Scaler, Pneumatic Needle Scaler
    Air Needle Scaler
    Pneumatic Hammer & Pneumatic Needle Scaler

    Air Chipping Hammer, Air Needle Scaler, Needle Scaler Gun, Air Hammer Needle Scaler, Air Hammer, Chipping Hammers, Air Scaling Hammer, Flux Chipper, Air Caulking Gun, Air Riveting Hammer. KWG's the ergonomic air needle scaler for general body shop work, fast cutting action especially for exhaust work, panel cutting and general repair work. Longer life alloyed steel and heat-treated piston. Texturing Concrete. Cleaning & stress relieving weld seams and joints. Removing coatings, corrosion & other accumulated materials. Chisel scaler for splitting, chipping, pointing and brick raking. Convert to chisels in seconds. Dust shroud attachments available. Adjustable front tube extends needle life. Heat treated piston and cylinder ensure excellent durability and long life.

  • Air Hydraulic Riveter - Air Hydraulic Riveter, Pneumatic Hydraulic Riveter
    Air Hydraulic Riveter
    Pneumatic Hydraulic Riveter

    Heavy Duty Hydraulic Riveter Tools, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Air Rivnut Tools, Air Engraving Pens, Air Nibblers, etc. KWG's the air riveter features an ergonomic handle that allows you to work for extended periods comfortably while maintaining maximum control. The design of this quality air riveter allows you to rivet at any angle, even in small space areas. Lightweight cast aluminum body. Machined chrome plated steel nosepiece. Air relief valve prevents overloading for long life. Interchangeable nose pieces for rivets: 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"

  • Air Grease Gun - Air Grease Gun, Pneumatic Grease Gun
    Air Grease Gun
    Pneumatic Grease Gun

    Air Grease Guns, Lever Grease Guns, Manual Grease Guns, Oil Suction Guns. The ergonomic grease gun is portable grip and container, Air vent valve allows to trap air vacate while filling grease. It use on truck transmission shaft and machine maintenance.

  • Accessories for Air Tools - Accessories for Air Tools
    Accessories for Air Tools
    Quick Couplers, PU Hose for Air Tools, Filter, Regulator, Lubricator.

    KWG Ind. Corp. provide wide range of accessories for Pneumatic Tools like: Chisel, Balancer, Quick Couplers, PU Hose, Air Hose, Air Quick Coupler, Filter, Regulator, Lubricator, Air Control Unit, Check Valve....etc.