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Pneumatic Staplers Manufacturing and Supply - KWG

Konrad Werkzeuge GmbH Corporation, since 1993, is a Pneumatic Staplers manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Reliable and durable, KWG supplies a complete range of air tools and hand tools for your professional jobs in automotive and other industries. Hand tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, sockets and wrenches are designed to meet highest standards.

KWG has been offering customers high-quality pneumatic hand tools, air tools and hand tools, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, KWG ensures each customer's demands are met.

Pneumatic Staplers

Pneumatic Nailers

Staplers, Nailers
Staplers, Nailers

KWG has wide range product line in Staples likes: Combination Nailer, Micro Pinners, Brad Nailer, Coil Roofing Nailers, Angle Nailers, Corrugated Fasteners, Pneumatic Nailers, Pneumatic Staplers, Stapless, Nails, All of our staplers are made in Taiwan.

  • Pneumatic Stapler - Pneumatic Stapler
    Pneumatic Stapler
    Air Stapler

    Pneumatic Staplers use for Upholstery,Automotive trim,insulation,Cabinet backs,small furniture,Picture frames.

  • Combination Nailer - Combination Nailer
    Combination Nailer
    Combination Stapler

    Combination Nailer: 13Ga. Combination Nailers, 16Ga. Combination Nailers, 18Ga. Combination Nailers. Use for Cabinets,small trim,Furniture repair,Chair rail,Baseboards,Picture frames,Crafts.

  • Micro Pinners - Micro Pinners
    Micro Pinners
    Air Micro Pinners

    Micro Pinners/Micro Brader: 18Ga. Micro Pinners, 21Ga. Micro Pinners, 23Ga. Micro Pinners. Use for: Cabinets door,small trim,Carving and ornamentals,birdhouses,Picture frames.

  • Coil Nailer - Coil Nailer
    Coil Nailer
    Air Coil Nailer

    Coil Roofing Nailers for Shank type: Smooth, Screw, Ring. Use for:Heavy duty pallets and crating,Heavy duty framing,Wharfs, docks and boardwalks,Hardwoods and pressure treated lumber.

  • Brad & Angle Nailer - Brad & Angle Nailer
    Brad & Angle Nailer
    Angled Brad Nailer

    Brad & Angle Nailer, the angle of: 17deg. 21deg. 28deg. 34deg. Use on: roof to ceiling connections,framing, siding, Timber frames,log homes.

  • Corrugated Fasteners - Corrugated Fasteners
    Corrugated Fasteners
    Corrugated Fasteners for Wood

    Corrugated Fasteners for wood furring, floor underlay, carpet edge molding, tackless carpet strip.

  • C-Ring Stapler - C-Ring Stapler
    C-Ring Stapler
    Pneumatic C Ring Stapler

    C-Ring Stapler for Automotive Seating,Auto Control Cables,Upholstery, Bagging, Bungee,Bedding - Ticking to Inner Spring/Border Wire,Pocketed Coils.

  • Carton Stapler - Carton Stapler
    Carton Stapler
    Pneumatic Carton Stapler

    Carton Stapler for Furniture, Bedding,Ticking (Flange) to Innerspring,Novelty,Components.

  • Staples & Nails for Air Nailer - Staples & Nails
    Staples & Nails for Air Nailer
    Staples & Nails for Air Staplers

    KWG has wide range product line in Staples & Nails likes: 14Gauge, 15Gauge, 16Gauge, 18 Gauge, 23Gauge. Steel Nails, Iron Nails, Pins, Staples...etc.