Hand Tools

KWG also provide the quality tools in total solution, our direction and main purpose is offering the best quality, best service and keep innovation as a partner.

Hand Tools

Tools Trolley, Socket, Spanner, Socket Bits, Hex Key, Screwdrivers, Pliers, Hammer&Strking Tools, Chisel.

Hand Tools, Tools
Hand Tools, Tools

KWG provide overall range of high performance and excellent quality tools to meet the demand of professional user.
The Tools Contents included: Tools Storage, Hand Socket, Impact Socket, Torque Wrench, Spanners, Pliers, Pipe Tools, Screwdriers, Hex Key, Standard Bits, Hammers, Striking Tools, Workshop Tools: Puller, Riveter, Measuring Tools, Cutting....etc.
All of our tools tools are made in Taiwan.

  • Tool Storage - Tool Storage
    Tool Storage
    Collection & Display for Tools

    Workbench, Work Station, Tool Trolley, Roll Wagon, Top Chest, Tools Box, Plastic Box, Display Stand.....etc. It is convenient to collect any tools you want, and it's useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Tool Storage Set - Tool Storage Set, Tool Trolley Set
    Tool Storage Set
    Collection & Display Set for Tools

    KWG offer wide range of Tool Trolley Set, Top Chest Set and Tool Box Set for your choosing, inside have many kind of tools which you also can choosing any tools set that you want. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Torque Tools - Torque World
    Torque Tools
    Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench Tools

    Torque Series, like: Torque Wrench, Interchangeable Torque Wrench, Digital Torque Wrench, Torque Screwdriver, Fitting Head, Measurement & Calibration. The torque wrench is precision measuring instrument much the same as a micrometer, dernier calipers or any other accurate measuring instrument. It's purpose to measure of limit the amount of torque being applied at a given point.

  • Hand Socket - Hand Socket, Socket
    Hand Socket
    Standard Hand Socket, Deep Hand Socket

    KWG offer many type of Socket, likes: 6pt. Socket, 12pt. Socket, Super lock Socket, multiple Socket, Torx Socket, E Socket, Deep Socket....ect.

  • Socket Bit - Socket Bit, Bit Socket
    Socket Bit
    Bit Sockets

    KWG offer many type of head of Bit Socket, like: Hex Socket Bit, Pozi Socket Bit, Phillips Socket Bit, Tox Socket Bit, Ribe Socket Bit, Slotted Socket Bit, Spline Socket Bit, Hex Ball Socket Bit, Pentacle Socket Bit.....etc. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Accessories of Hand Tools - Accessories
    Accessories of Hand Tools
    Accessories of Hand Tools

    KWG offer many kind of accessories, like: Ratchet, Flexible Handle, Extension Bar, Sliding T-Bar, Universal Joint, L-Handle, Adapter, Bit Holder, Spark Plug Socket, Speed Handle, Spinner Handle, Impact Driver.....etc. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Impact Socket & Accessories - Impact Socket & Accessories
    Impact Socket & Accessories
    Standard Impact Socket, Deep Impact Socket, Impact Accessories

    KWG offer many type of Impact socket and Impact accessories, like: Regular Impact Socket, Deep Impact Socket, Universal Impact Socket, Hex Bit Impact Socket, Adapter, Universal Joint, Extension Bar, Impact Socket Se, 1/4" Dr. Metric, 1/4" Dr. SAE, 3/8" Dr. Metric, 3/8" Dr. SAE, 1/2" Dr. Metric, 1/2" Dr. SAE, 3/4" Dr. Metric, 3/4" Dr. SAE, 1" Dr....etc. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Wrench Tools - Wrenches
    Wrench Tools
    Hand Tool Wrenches

    KWG offer many type of wrenches, like: Scaffold Wrench, 4-Way Lug Wrench Socket, Adjustable Wrench, Adjustable Wrench with Grip, 100Teeth Ratchet Wrench, 100Teeht Flexible Ratchet Wrench, 100Teeth Reversible Ratchet Wrench, Speed Ratchet Wrench, 4 in 1 Reversible Ratchet Wrench, 4 in 1 Ratchet Wrench w/o switch, 8 in 1 Socket Ratchet Wrench, Gear Flare Nut Wrench, Combination Wrench, Extrem long professiional combination Wrench, Short type combination Wrench, Double Open Wrench, 45deg. Double Ring Wrench, 75deg. Double Ring Wrench. Flare Nut Wrench, E-Wrench, Slugging Hammer Ring Wrench, Single Ring Wrench, Heavy Duty Open End Wrench, Heavy Duty Offset Ring Wrench. Double Socket Ratchet Wrench, Dolphin Socket Wrench, Double Torx Flexible Wrench, Hinged Double E-Socket Wrench, Double Hex Flexible Wrench, Double Flexible Socket Wrench, Angled Socket Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Separate T-Type Universal 6pt. Socket Wrench. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Hex Key Tools - Hex Key
    Hex Key Tools
    Hexagon Key Wrench

    Whole type of Hex Key, like: Hex Allen Key, Hex-Ball Key, Torx Key, Torx Tamper Proof, Spline Key, Folding Series Tools. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Screwdriver - Screwdriver
    Professional Screwdriver

    The whole type of Screwdriver, like: Three color Handle Screwdriver, TPR Handle Screwdriver, Precision Screwdriver, Impact Screwdriver & Go Thru Screwdriver, Slotted Screwdriver, Pozi Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Hex Ball Screwdriver, Torx Screwdriver, Torx Tamperproof Screwdriver, Nut Driver, Screwdriver Set. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • T-Handle Driver - T-Handle
    T-Handle Driver

    KWG offer whole type of Screwdriver, like: T-Handle Wrenches, L-Handle Wrenches Series, Nut Driver. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Screwdriver Bits - Bits
    Screwdriver Bits
    Screwdriver Bits of Hand tools

    The whole type of Bits, like: Slotted, Phillips, Pozi, Square, Square Drive, Hex, Hex Ball, Hex with Hole, Torx, Torx Tamperproof, 1/4" Hex , 5/16" Hex, 10mm Hex, Torsion, Bit Accessories, Bits Set. It is useful in auto repair shop and garage.

  • Pliers Series - Pliers
    Pliers Series
    Pliers of Hand Tools

    Pliers tools for various capacity to use, like: Mini Pliers, TPR Handle Pliers, Oil Pliers, Circlips Pliers, Water pump pliers, Electronics Pliers, Locking Pliers, Crimping Tools.

  • Hammer & Striking Tools - Hammer & Striking Tools Series
    Hammer & Striking Tools
    Hammer Tools

    Hammer, Punch, Flat Chisel, Marking Punch, Striking Tools.

  • Snips & Hacksaw Tools - Cutting & Sawing
    Snips & Hacksaw Tools
    Pattern Snips, Heavy Duty Hacksaw

    Cutting & Sawing, like: Aviation Tin Snips, Tin Snips, Utility Cutter, Bolt Cutter, Tube Cutter, Saw, File.

  • Workshop Tools - Workshop Tools
    Workshop Tools
    Tools used in Workshop

    Workshop tools: Puller, Riveter, Measuring Tools, Air Blow Gun, Bench Vise, Saw.

  • VDE Insulated Tools - VDE Insulated Tools
    VDE Insulated Tools
    1000V Insulated Tools, VDE Tools

    KWG offer whole type of VDE Insulated Tools, like: Insulated Screwdriver, Insulated Torque Wrench, Insulated Extension Bar, Insulated T-Handle, Insulated Socket, Insulated Box, End Wrench, Insulated Open End Wrench, Insulated Cable Knife, Insulated Plier.