Hammer & Striking Tools

KWG also provide the quality tools in total solution, our direction and main purpose is offering the best quality, best service and keep innovation as a partner.

Hammer & Striking Tools

Hammer Tools

Hammer & Striking Tools Series
Hammer & Striking Tools Series

Hammer, Punch, Flat Chisel, Marking Punch, Striking Tools.

  • Hammer - Hammer
    Professional Hammer

    KWG offer whole type of Hammer, like: Ball Pein Hammers, Locksmith Hammer, Sledge Hammer-Flat Face, Carpenter's Hammer Shrill Milled Face, Interchangeable-Tip Mallets, Deadblow Hammer.

  • Punch and Chisel - Punch
    Punch and Chisel
    Punch Tools, Chisel Tools

    KWG offer whole type of Hammer, like: Center Punch, Pin Punch, Starter Punch, Concave Punch for Carpenter, Flat Chisel, Flat Chisel with Handle, Chisel & Punch Set.